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Signal processing and sensor technologies are Meluta core competence. Our special areas of expertise are acoustic and vibroacoustic (structure-borne) measurements.

Designing, planning and implementation of embedded electronics, radio technology, digital electronics and energy efficient systems are also our daily business.

Our core values are customer satisfaction and adding value to our customers. Meluta strictly follows privacy policy and ethical principles in all its activities.

Have you recognized a sound which tells something valuable? Would you like to track the sound online?

We have solution for you

Less noise is your competition factor? Does pleasantness of the sound matter?

Contact us if you think these kind of questions

Flexible, professional and agile. Meluta is a combination of business knowledge of a big industrial corporation and start-up spirit. Meluta together with Japo's server and software solutions forms a perfect combination of knowledge for Industrial Internet of Things. / Japo

Proven customer benefits

Meluta offers expert level R&D services and product development. Below some examples of our customer projects:

Less noisy products: We measured the noise and sound levels of customer product. Data was analysed and loudness level calculations performed. Customer learned about the origin of the sound and the loudness levels of different product configurations. With the results customer was able to design less noisy products.

Competitive Advantage: We developed a completely new product for a customer’s product portfolio. Meluta is your partner for product development.

New business: Meluta delivered IoT system which made possible for customer to introduce a totally new service business.

Increased productivity: Customer production line had product breakages which were difficult recognise. Meluta implemented structure-borne sensor which detected breakage and event was raised in their automation system.


Melufoni ® – wireless stethoscope

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